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Civil products
Fence Wall
Fence wall is designed with grating, which is featured with tidy appearance, high Its surface treatment can be dip painting or hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion r is silvery white in color, with great durability and elegant appearance. This type for power plant, water supply plant, sewage treatment plant, highway, mine, airport, quay and other industrial and civil fencing.

Designation Six kinds of wall format

Grating: with bar section of 25x3mm, load bar pitch of 90mm, cross bars pitch of 400mm and 100mm.
Grating of other specifications is optional.
Support Type: C square steel pole Default-concrete pole
Reinforce Type: S-strengthened cross beam Default-no cross beam
Banding Type: B- with banding Default-no banding
Top Structure: W-with iron wire mesh Defaul~without iron wire mesh
Surface Treatment: G-hot-dip galvanized Defaulbno treatment

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