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Press-locked Grating

The machine-stamped loading bars with special slots for accommodating the inserts and the pre-cut inserts themselves are pressed together by a large capacity hydraulic machine, by such way the press-locked grating is formed. The vertically arranged loading bars .and inserts produce a very uniform mesh pattern.
The following are the two major types:
1、Press Locked Grating:Loading bars and inserts with different heights.(Figure 一 shows)
2、Full Grating:loading bars and inserts with the same height.(Figure 二 shows)

Specialty Designation

1. excellent force transfer in horizontal direction and material saving
2. ensure clean, even and smooth surface, adding artistic beauty to appearance
3. diversified loading bar and insert pitches can satisfy various needs of customers
4. enjoy the same loading capacity and mesh pattern with the electroformed  welded grating
5. possessing other advantages which electroforged welded grating have
Application:Working and maintenance passage ,Vehicle passage, Platform, Parking spot, Fence ,
Drainage cover Shelf, Sunscreen shield, Building ceiling
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