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WEBFORGE grating is manufactured with the most advanced high-voltage resistance forge welder available in the world, equipped with computer control. Robot arm of the machine can automatically place cross rods (twisted square or round bars, same as below) on load bars arranged uniformly and press them into load bars with strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure, thus manufacturing high- quality grating with firm welding points, high stability and strength. While a hand-welded grating is made in such a way that holes are punched on load bars firstly, and then cross rods are inserted into these holes for spot welding. In this case, as gaps exist between cross rods and load bars, and some welding points may be neglected during welding, the final product is normally untidy in appearance and low in strength.

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And the pattern plate and other grid comparison, China Fugang grid plate has the following advantages:

Save material:the material under the same loading condition. Accordingly, can reduce the supporting structure of the material.
Reduction of investment: materials, save labor, save time, free cleaning and maintenance.
The construction is simple: in the installation of support with bolt clamping, one person can finish.
Save time: product without on-site processing, installation is very quickly.
Durable: before galvanizing antiseptic treatment, impact resistance and stress ability.
Modern style: appearance, design specifications, air and light, give a person with modern sense of the overall smooth.
Light structure: less material consumption, light structure, and easy lifting.
To prevent accumulation of dirt: accumulation of rain, snow and dust.
To reduce the wind resistance: due to good ventilation, windy wind resistance, reduce wind damage.
The design is simple: no small support beam, simple structure, simplified design; no need to design a steel lattice plate details, stating only models, manufacturers and customers can design layout.
Ventilation, lighting, explosion-proof, heat dissipation, good antiskid performance.
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