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Tianjin Webforge opening ceremony was held
〖 2013-07-08 | Click 2966 〗

In 28th of May, Tianjin Webforge opening ceremony was held grandly, the leaders from Webforge china ,together with some respected guests ,including the senior leaders from Valmont group and some invited customers took  part in this shining ceremony.

It started with joyful entertainment, and then Tianjin Webforges GM addressed a opening lecture, express the sincere gratitude to the customers. Vik Bansal, the Group president of global engineered infrastructure products from Valmont was addressing his congratulation and best wishes to Webforge Tianjin. And he also stressed the importance of chinas market and customers to the Valmont group. The afterward cutting the tape brought the ceremony to the highest climax, and it then ceased with the gorgeous dancing lions  performance.

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